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The Prize Award is independent from the Art Fair and Culture Week programmes. Prizes issues during other events are not monetary based but trophies and certificates of achievements..

The BiZmArt Prize Award


The foundation of any good Award, in addition to fair evaluation and judging, is a strong and dedicated competition jury who make their invaluable knowledge base and insights available to evaluate the entries submitted. And by sharing their insights and ideas in form of votes, feedbacks and suggestions, create benefit and value for the participants. The prize jury is made up of multidisciplinary and experienced professionals who can truly validate and evaluate art with their wisdom, experience, specialization and knowledge. For a good art award, each award jury member must sign and abide by a code of conduct and are not permitted to enter into the competition. In addition, to avoid conflicts of interest, the jurors must not be related to the participants or employees of the participating companies. Visit our Jury Page to learn more about the members of the Jury.

Every year, BiZmArt Prize Award strives to create a fair competition platform where creatives and artists from multi-disciplinary fields submit their art and compete for the prize awards.

While the mission of the competition is to create recognition and prestige, the vision is to improve lives, transform communities, connect people and create a vision for a better world filled with positivity, well-being and productivity. The more art is brought into the world, the more positivity, transformation and productivity it generates. Hence the BiZmArt motto: A little art creates excellence.

The Prize Award is a platform and network of encouragement and support for both aspiring artists and fully trained artists. Our call for submissions is open to all artists and creatives on all categories. All artists can submit their art for judging and awards. The selection with be indicated under the respective art categories.


First prize: €5,000

Second prize: €2,250

Third prize: €1,125


Winners will be published on our website and in the BiZmArt Journal. Our jury selects 100 runners-up from all applications and the last three selected artists receive first, second and third prize. Runner-ups and winners will be informed 8 weeks prior to the fair. All selected participants will each be issued with the BiZmArt Acknowledgement Certificate and 30 participants will be selected to exhibit their works at the fair.


As the BiZmArt Prize Award is organized by an individual entity, a transparent and sustainable business model has been developed to ensure the continuity of the event. In this regard, while the Contest requires a one-off registration fee for the submission of works, all post-Contest services will be provided free of charge to winners; such as the physical exhibition of selected art, the gala night, the competition trophy, award certificates, administrative services, etc. In addition, the membership program is also offered so that members can participate in the competition for free. We advise artists and creatives to opt for the membership option since it  includes more benefits and a representation by the Art.Craft.Living Gallery. If you’re an existing member, please send us an Email for submission instructions. You will need to mention your membership number in the email.

The call for applications is open to all, every year. Applications are divided into three batches, with the only difference being the closing date for access to these groups: Batch 1 closes on October 30, Batch 2 closes on December 31, and Batch 3 closes on March 31 at 11:59:59 pm. No additional time will be granted. Up to and including October 30, applicants can decide to register in batches 1, 2, and 3. Starting November 1 and up to Dezember 31 inclusive, applicants can register in batches 2 and 3. And between January 1 and March 31, applicants can register in batch 3 only.


You are free to withdraw your application as long as the evaluation period has not started, that is before April 01 at 00:00:01 pm. In this case, the registration fee is fully refunded, without the need for you to provide an explanation. You simply need to notify BiZmArt of your decision to withdraw your application by contacting us Once the evaluation period starts, that is after April 01, your application is considered to be firm and final and the registration fee can no longer be refunded. Please read the rules of the Prize Award here. By continuing with registration, you agree with the rules and conditions.


Submission Procedures

Please follow the instructions below to submit your work. Failure to adhere to the instructions will lead to disqualification.



Before submitting work, you must register with the BiZmArt Prize Award. To register, click here - opens in new window. Please select the relevant pricing plan and you will be taken to the payment page. After paying the registration fees, you’ll receive a confirmation email sent to your email address with the instructions for submitting the link(s) to your work. Existing members will need to send us their membership number for their registration to be valid. If you win a prize you will need to verify your identity, so make sure you enter the correct and complete details. 

We only accept links to your work. Please make sure you send us a link listing only the work you wish to have judged for the competition. The work must remain available via the link from the day of submission until the end of the evaluation. The evaluation starts on April 01 at 00:00:01 pm and ends on April 28 at 11:59:59 pm. You can also send us the individual link to each work, but each work must remain accessible via each link. If you have been selected for the awards and for exhibiting at the fair you will receive an email from us with instructions on the data format and size to send to us. The evaluation month is April and the results and winners will be published on our website within two weeks of the end of the evaluation period. 


Preparing your art

Don't write anything on the pictures. You must submit a perspective shot, preferably with a clean white background. Do not submit images with images of people or other backgrounds that are not part of the image. Do not place your logo or other indicative images. 


Creation of title, description, production method

Don't write anything on the pictures. All descriptions can be entered separately next to the art, on the website or as a comment on each work.

BiZmArt Fair is focused on brand promotion, marketing, brand management, and art promotion.

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