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As the name suggests, BiZmeetsArt is a project with the primary goal of bringing companies and creative people together. It's an extension of the Art.Craft.Living network, founded in 2017 by Grace Denker -

Our mission is to connect people through art. In the BiZmeetArt culture week, we support both local businesses and creative people. It's a concept forged under BiZmeetsArt and offers artists  the opportunity to exhibit their artworks in selected local businesses. 30 shops and local businesses  take part in the culture week. The culture week will be promoted and published on all our platforms, which will generate more visits to stores. All participants will be featured in  our BiZmeetsArt magazine, the first edition launched in November 2022. The end of the culture week will be marked with a black tie gala event.

The BiZmArt Hamburg Culture Week took place from 07.11.2022 to 12.11.2022 and was the first of its kind. The BiZmeetsArt events will be held every year and in different cities around the world 


Businesses and creatives can apply or register their interest via the button below or  by sending an email to info@bizmeetsart.comBiZmArt is focused on brand promotion, marketing, brand management, and promoting Art.

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