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BiZmArt Fair is focused on brand promotion, marketing, and brand management. It's a members-only collaborative platform for entrepreneurs, companies, startups, business professionals and creatives, with the aim of promoting brand awareness, values, and improving overall financial growth. We offer the possibility to international enterprises of all kinds to promote their products through digital, design, film, video and visual art by establishing links with interdisciplinary creatives to find innovative ways to market their brand. Artists and creative talents of all disciplines are able to offer their skills, know-how, and talent to businesses who want to add a creative and competitive edge to their brands.

Our three main focus areas:




The first focus area is the BiZmArt Fair forged under the motto: A Synergy of business and the Arts

Our goal is to connect the business world with creative minds and provide a platform for brain coupling, sharing ideas, and presentation of brands. The one-week event includes an exhibition where businesses and creatives can showcase their products which includes crafts, home & living accessories,  sculptures, photography, designer goods, digital art, paintings, fashion, and art performances. Professionals and businesses can present their work and brands, discuss ongoing and future projects, exchange ideas, network with artists, art directors, creative talents, and the like, spark inspiring discussions, discover new concepts, and form collaborative partnerships. The yearly event is open to businesses, startups, service providers, entrepreneurs, galleries, companies, individuals, art institutions, and all products and service providers. It’s an event where business meets art.


The second focus area goes under the motto: BiZmArt for productivity and excellence.

We believe that the soul of any business can be crafted or highlighted through incorporating artistic concepts, ideas and mindsets into its processes, services, and environment. We give entrepreneurs, service providers, startups, and established businesses the opportunity to work together with selected creative talents to realize their business goals. We provide a platform for businesses in search of genius ideas, projects, and designs to incorporate into their product or services and boost their sales. The company provides us with a description of the creative project. We then send out a call for submission to our database of creative talents and artists, giving the creatives the opportunity to present their concepts for selection. The work remains the property of the company. Project examples include:

  • Creative proposal inspired by the world of travel and accommodation (hotels, b&b, hostels) in order to enhance and promote the company's services.
  • Creative design proposal for product packaging inspired by the company’s concepts

  • Creative proposal inspired by the world of writing (pens, notepads) in order to enhance and promote the company's products.

  • Creative design proposal for specified interior objects with focus on product quality, beauty, design, and comfort. 

  • Create an artistic label for a product inspired by the company’s specified themes.

  • Presentation of a new product design inspired by the company’s brand concept

  • Create a painting, sculpture, photography or digital artwork for a company’s premises. 

  • Create an art video inspired by the company’s brand identity 

  • Any form of art linked to fashion. Paintings on canvas that can be turned fashion clothing, handbags, interiors decors or furniture. A collaboration with the winning artist for a limited edition of the next season’s collection.  

  • Site specific projects/installation, indoor or outdoor, inspired by the company’s brand concept and values and designed to enhance space. The company decides whether to support the production of the selected project, and as such, the artist must indicate the production costs during the application. The work remains the property of the company.

  • Submit a work or a creative proposal inspired by the company’s slogan with the goal of enhancing and promoting the company’s product and highlighting its features.

  • Submission of graphic or art proposals to use on a company’s product design or to create a prototype of a product.

  • Artist residency at a residential estate or Hotel in order to realize an artistic project e.g. a sculpture. The Residency would include travel, accommodation and materials expenses. The work remains the property of the company.

All finished products have the chance to be presented/exhibited at a BiZmArt Fair



The third focus area is the BiZmArt Journal - a platform for publishing news on various business categories, creative collaborations, ideas, events, business launches, success stories, business profiles, and so much more. We work with professionals, journalists and media personalities to deliver exemplary publications and valuable information to our audience.

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