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  1. The BiZmArt Prize Awards is an international art prize organized annually by the company, Art.Craft.Living, based in Hamburg, Germany (hereinafter, “BiZmArt”).
    b. Since its founding in 2017, Art.Craft.Living goal has been to support, promote, and showcase art works of national and international artists and to give them an international platform of recognition. The BiZmArt Prize Award is a way for artists to connect with a wider audience, build up their curriculum vitae, get their art seen, reach the right audience, and to encourage sales.

  2. The BiZmArt Prize Award is open to all aspiring artists, as well as professional artists and creatives, with no restrictions based on origin, age or place of residence. 

  3. Works from all art categories including Visual, digital, design, film, video and performance art are considered. 

  4. 100 selected participants will receive the BiZmArt Akcnowledgement Certificate whether or not they are finalists. 

  5. 30 selected finalists will be able to exhibit their art at the BiZmArt Annual Fair

  6. The Winners of the Year will receive cash prizes, which will be paid out with no restrictions as to their use. First place receives €10,000, second place €5,000 and third place €2,500.

1        Submissions

  1. The call for applications is open to all, every year until March 31 at 11:59:59 pm. No additional time will be granted.

  2. You are free to withdraw your application as long as the evaluation period has not started, that is before April 01 at 00:00:01 pm. In this case, the registration fee is fully refunded, without the need for you to provide an explanation. You simply need to notify BiZmArt of your decision to withdraw your application by contacting us

  3. Once the evaluation period begins, i.e. after April 1st, your application will be considered binding and final and the registration fee will be non-refundable. By proceeding with registration, you agree to the rules and terms.

  4. Applicants will be divided into three batches, with the only difference being the deadline for access to these groups: Batch 1 ends on October 30th, Batch 2 ends on December 31st and Batch 3 ends on March 31st. No additional time will be granted.

  5. During the month of May, once the call for entries is closed, 100 artists will be selected. 10 artists from each group that the BiZmArt jury deems particularly notable will be named as finalists and 3 selected as winners. Therefore, 30 different finalists will be named.

  6. Once the registration deadline for a particular group has passed, it will no longer be possible to select them for registration.

  7. Applicants can register for batches 1, 2 and 3 up to and including October 30th. Applicants for batches 2 and 3 can register from November 1st and up to and including December 31st. And between January 1st and March 31st, applicants can only register in Batch 3.

2        Registration fee

  1. A registration fee must be paid online to be able to participate in the BiZmArt Prize Award. Before submitting work, you must register with the BiZmArt Prize Award. To register, click here - opens in new window. Please select the relevant pricing plan and you will be taken to the payment page. After paying the registration fees, you’ll receive a confirmation email sent to your email address with a link to the application form. Existing members will need to send us their membership number for their registration to be valid. If you win a prize you will need to verify your identity, so make sure you enter the correct and complete details. 

  2. It is possible to register for several groups if the time permits. The registration fee is payable per group.

  3. Candidates must provide links to a minimum of one work and a maximum of four in their application form.

  4. All application documents for which the registration fee has been paid will be viewed by the BiZmArt jury.

  5. Any contestant who makes false statements, is not the author of the presented works, has fraudulently paid the entry fee, or has insulted the other contestants, BiZmArt staff, or the jury, or behaves in a generally disrespectful manner, will be banned from participating in the competition for life.

3        The evaluation, selection, jury

  1. The BiZmArt jury evaluates the applications between April 1st and April 28th of each year. When selecting the 100 participants from all applications, composition, aesthetics, expertise, uniqueness and marketability are taken into account.

  2. The assessment process is anonymous and blind; i.e. the names of the artists are not displayed on the artworks to be rated. After the submission deadline, the jury members will receive a scorecard with the guidelines for evaluating each candidate. Judging criteria include presentation, design, craftsmanship, aesthetics and marketability. The juries are not permitted to share their assessment with each other. Scorecards must be returned to BiZmArt within the specified period for the final count.

  3. Each jury member assigns a grade to each finalist, using a scale from 1 point (for the last-place artist) to the number of points equal to the total number of finalists (for the first-place artist).

  4. The same grade cannot be awarded more than once by the same jury member.

  5. The winners are the first three artists who have received the most points from all jury members.

  6. In the event of a tie, a new vote will only be held among the tied artists until the three winners are determined.

  7. The selection and results will be published in May

  8. The BiZmArt Prize will be awarded to the three winners, who will be selected from the finalists of the year, at an awards and gala ceremony.

  9. The members of the final jury are appointed by BiZmArt. Under no circumstances may BiZmArt employees or their family members be part of the final jury.

  10. The members of the jury can be curators or directors of art foundations, journalists, art critics, art historians, gallery owners, exhibition curators, collectors, artists, intellectuals, writers and/or artists.

  11. Each juror declares that they are not a family member of any of the finalist artists.

  12. The score obtained by the finalists will not be published.

4        Prize Payment

  1. The winners of the BiZmArt prize will be awarded a prize. First place winner will receive 5,000 euros (ten thousand euros), second place winner 2,500 euros (five thousand euros) and third place winner 1,125 euros (two thousand five hundred euros). These amounts will be paid by bank transfer to the winner's or a family member's bank or postal account opened with a bank, postal or financial institution in their legal country of residence.

  2. Pursuant to applicable regulations, winners may not have their earned amounts paid out in cash or through money transfer services such as Western Union or MoneyGram.

  3. Winners are free to use the allocated money as they wish.

  4. BiZmArt will announce the names of the winners to the public on June 1st. Announcement will be made on the website, on social media and by email to candidates.

5        Data Protection and Copyright

  1. Artists retain all their copyrights to the artwork and information included in their application form.

  2. The finalists and winners grant BiZmArt a free perpetual right to reproduce the content of their application form for press releases, publications on the website, publications on social networks, etc.

  3. Candidates agree and accept BiZmArt data protection policy. The data protecton policy can be accessed here. Candidates agree and accept that their personal data will be processed electronically according to the General Data Protection (GDPR) Regulations. In the application form, applicants are asked to expressly agree to the electronic processing of this data and the terms of use by ticking the consent box.

  4. In these regulations and on the website in general, the use of masculine pronouns to designate people is done only to reduce the amount of text and to identify people of any gender without discrimination and all people in general.

6        Postponement, cancellation, force majeure

  1. BiZmArt reserves the right to postpone or cancel the award ceremony if circumstances so require, particularly if the applications received do not allow for the selection of finalists who meet the jury's quality criteria.

  2. The Applicants, BiZmArt and their subcontractors (collectively referred to as “the parties”) shall not be liable for any failure to perform their obligations if an event of force majeure occurs, defined as any unforeseeable, unavoidable event resulting from circumstances outside the parties.

  3. In the event of extraordinary cancellation for any reason other than the occurrence of a force majeure event, the registration fee paid for the year will be refunded to the candidates immediately.

  4. BizmArt is not liable for the consequences of a postponement or cancellation.

  5. BiZmArt reserves the right to cancel a particular artist's registration and refund the registration fee paid to them, without being required to give a reason for the cancellation or invoke the liability of BiZmArt and its suppliers.


7        Applicable law

  1. These regulations are subject to Hamburg law. Any disputes between BiZmArt and applicants will be brought before the competent courts in the Hamburg district. However, BiZmArt reserves the right to appeal to any other competent court.

8        Acceptance

  1. By participating, the artist acknowledges these provisions and expressly and unreservedly accepts them.


Last updated on: 20/02/2022 (February 2nd 2022).

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