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BIZMEETSART is focused on brand promotion and marketing. Our goal is to help you promote your brand and drive sales. 

The motto of the first focus area of ​​the BiZmArt Fair is: A synergy of business and the Arts.

Our goal is to connect the business world with creative minds and provide a platform for brain coupling, idea exchange and brand presentation. The week-long event includes an exhibition where businesses and creatives can showcase their products including crafts, home and living accessories, sculpture, photography, designer goods, digital art, paintings, fashion and art performances. Professionals and companies can showcase their work and brands, discuss current and future projects, exchange ideas, network with artists, art directors, creative talent and the like, stimulate inspiring discussions, discover new concepts and enter into collaborations. The annual event is open to corporations, startups, entrepreneurs, galleries, individuals, art institutions and all product and service providers. It is an event where business meets art.

At BiZmArt, we provide a members-only collaborative platform for entrepreneurs, corporations, startups, business professionals and creatives aiming to drive brand awareness, values ​​and improve overall financial growth. We offer international companies of all kinds the opportunity to promote their products through digital media, design, film, video and visual arts, and to network with interdisciplinary creatives to find innovative ways to market their brand. Artists and creative talents from all disciplines can offer their skills, know-how and talent to companies looking to give their brands a creative and competitive advantage.

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The next BiZmArt Fair is taking place in Barcelona in October of 2024.

The yearly event is open to businesses, startups, service providers, entrepreneurs, galleries, companies, individuals, artists, art institutions, and all product and service providers. 


The fair will showcase a variety of design accessories, crafts, sculptures, photography, designer goods, digital art, paintings, fashion, and art performances. The programme will be diverse, innovative and unique. Professionals and businesses will present their work and brands, discuss ongoing and future projects, exchange ideas, network with artists, art directors, creative talents, and the like, spark inspiring discussions, discover new concepts, and form collaborative partnerships.

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BiZmArt | Art.Craft.Living | Hammerbrookstrasse 97 | 20097 Hamburg, Germany

Tel.: +49 40 2533 5913

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